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My Roots to Captain John Blakeney

Captain John Blakeney's Children
My Roots to Captain John Blakeney
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[the #'s and pgs come from John Oscar Blakeney's book]

I,  Gary Joe Blakeney, was born in Texas in the mid-twentieth century.  I am the son of:

Clarence Joe Blakeney, born in Texas during the great depression, and his wife, Clona Blackwell.  Clarence Joe Blakeney is the son of:

Clarence Young Blakeney; born Aug 12, 1902 in Indian Territory, Oklahoma; died Dec 31, 2002, Little Rock, AR.  He married Jewell Louise Barksdale (b. Oct 11, 1905, Chico, TX; d. Mar 7, 1985, Little Rock, AR).  They had six children who are currently living from Texas to Oklahoma to Arkansas.  We affectionally called them Pappaw and Mammaw.   Pappaw was the son of:

James Benjamin Blakeney (b. Dec 2, 1881; d. Jan 26, 1964).  He was affectionately known by his family as "Daddy Ben."  He married Aug 12, 1900 to Neda Ingram (b. 1884; d. 1946), daughter of Tom and Molly Ingram (?Alabama).  They had seven children:

(1) Clarence Young Blakeney (see above).

(2) Eva Beth Blakeney; b. Aug 4, 1904; d. about 1988; m. Edgar Shurbet.

(3) Charlie Ben Blakeney; b. Jul 28, 1906; d. about 1962, buried in Port Neches, TX; m. Lottie Sheets.  After her death, m. Flora McAnally.

(4) William (Bill) Olaf Blakeney; b. Jan 3, 1909; d. about 1998, buried in Stinnett, TX; married Sybil Pior (deceased).

(5) Choteau Alfred Blakeney; b. Dec 18, 1910; d. abt. 2001; buried Alvord, TX.

(6) Jack Byrd Blakeney; b. Mar 30, 1913; d. Feb 25, 1982; m. Pauline.

(7) Randle (Randy) Laverne Blakeney; b. Nov 4, 1923; d. Jun 21, 1940.


William James Blakeney [#220, pg.53] (b. Jan 20, 1857; d. Jun 6, 1890) and his wife, Nettie Summers Williams.  "Billy" was the son of:

James Blakeney [#93, pg.53] (b. Jan 6, 1825; d. Jan 26, 1862) and his wife, Mary Blakeney Hinson [see below #102, pgs.34,40,53,55].  James was the son of:

John Goodloe Blakeney [#29, pg.39] (b. Feb 20, 1795; d. Dec 14, 1870) and his wife, Isabella McLendon (b. 1804; d. Mar 8, 1882).  He was born in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.  He married and settled in Clark County, Mississippi where he acquired a large plantation and also one in Choctaw County, Alabama, and a large number of slaves.  He built a large home in Alabama where he continued to farm until his slaves were freed.  He then moved to Des Arc, Arkansas and lived with his son, Benjamin.  He died and is buried in Des Arc.  He was devoted to his plantation management, which richly rewarded his frugal management, but he lost all as a result of the Civil War.  John Goodloe was the son of:

James Blakeney [#6, pg.32] (b. Nov 12, 1765; d. Oct 1819) and his wife, Susanna Haile [pg.96].  He was elected to the South Carolina legislature (1794-96-98) and was well versed in the affairs of his day.  His tomb is near his later home in Cartarrh, on Lynch's Creek in S.C.  His descendants are chiefly in the Carolinas, TX, OK, and Ark.  James was the son of:

John Blakeney [#1, pg.29] (1732 - 1832).  See home page for more details about Captain John Blakeney.


Mary Blakeney Hinson [#102, pgs.34,40,53,55] (b. abt. 1818; d. Feb 18, 1890).  See above, wife of James Blakeney.  Mary was the daughter of:

Alfred Blakeney [#30, pg.40] (b. Oct 25, 1796; d. prior to 1850) and his wife Margaret McIntosh.  Alfred was the son of:

James Blakeney [#6, pg.32] (b. Nov 12, 1765; d. Oct 1819) and his wife, Susanna Haile [pg.96].    See above for more information on James, who was the son of Captain John Blakeney.

Privacy/Security Issues

I asked all of my living relatives for permission to include information about them on this site. Some did not want their information published on the web, and others preferred I not include certain types of information (for example, birth dates). In all cases I have respected their wishes.