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This website explores the descendents of Captain John Blakeney (1732-1832) and my roots back to him.

The purpose of this website, first of all, is to record my Blakeney genealogy here in America and, secondly, to trace the descendants of John Blakeney Sr.'s eight children through ten generations.  John Blakeney Sr. is herein known as Captain John Blakeney.  If you are a descendant of Captain John Blakeney and would like to work collaboratively with me on this, please email me.  If at all possible to connect you back to Captain John Blakeney, then I will share what I have collected about your ancestors back to Captain John and solicit your help (1) correcting the mistakes, (2) filling in the gaps, and (3) updating the information from what I have to yourself.  Click the "contact me" link to the left for more information.  Thank you.

Blakeneys have emigrated over the centuries from England, Scotland, and Ireland to settle in the United States and Canada.  One prominent family was Captain John Blakeney.  As an immigrant from Ireland, he came to America about 1750.  He was a South Carolina Revolutionary War hero and was commissioned as a Captain in the Militia in 1775, serving with Colonel Benton's Regiment and assigned to General Francis Marion's brigade.  He is buried in the family cemetery on the old homestead just north of Pageland in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.  On June 8, 1960, the Daughters of the American Revolution dedicated a handsome granite monument near his grave.  It reads:


1732 - 1832


Colonial and Revolutionary Soldier

Born at Mt. Blakeney, County Limerick, Ireland

As far as I know, no record of the date of his marriage nor his wife's name has ever been accurately documented and verified.  Tradition says that he married in Ireland and his wife was called "Peggy."  The headstone in the Blakeney Cemetery near Pageland, SC says, "Margaret, Wife of Capt. John Blakeney." 
Captain John Blakeney had eight children:  (1) Thomas, (2) John Jr., (3) Robert, (4) William, (5) James, (6) Jane, (7) Mary, and (8) Hugh.  See the next page of this website by clicking on the link "Captain John Blakeney's Children" at the upper left for more information on his children.
Most of the information on this website comes from talking to my grandfather, Clarence Young Blakeney (1902-2002), and from John Oscar Blakeney's 1928 book:  The Blakeneys in America and Some Collaterals.  Extensive help and information also came from James Reed Blakeney of Stone Mountain, Georgia and from Reed's articles in the Blakeney Family Association Newsletter, P.O. Box 2113, Dartmouth East, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, B2W 3X8, edited by Ray H. Blakeney.  Yes, I realize that John Oscar Blakeney's book has mistakes in it, and I've been trying to correct them, but JOB's 1928 book is still an excellent source from a previous generation which did not have modern telephones, computers, email, etc.  If you know of mistakes, errors, or omissions, please email me.
Listed below are links to sites that have been of benefit and help to me in researching my Blakeney roots.
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Personally, I am a descendent of Captain John Blakeney's fifth child, James Blakeney.  Over the past decade I have collected as much information as I can on each of Captain John's children and their descendents.  I am more than willing to share what I have learned if you will share with me how you trace your roots back to Captain John.

This is a work in progress, so please contact me if you have any information about the descendents of Captain John Blakeney.
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If you want more info or if you have some for me, just let me know.
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