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Captain John Blakeney's Children
My Roots to Captain John Blakeney
Blakeney Thanksmas
Contact Me
Please feel free to contribute!
I realize that I have only scratched the surface with my research on the descendents of Captain John Blakeney. If you have more information about a branch of the family tree or photos you'd like to share, please contact me!
I am trying to collect all the descendents of Captain John Blakeney through A.D. 2,000, or at least through ten generations.  Please share the primary genealogical details about yourself, your parents, your siblings, and your grandparents, and I will gladly share what I have collected with you.
(1) Full, accurate, legal name
(2) Birth -- date and place
(3) Parents
(4) Marriage -- date, place, to whom
(5) Death, if no longer living -- date and place
(6) Burial -- where
(7) Names of children
(8) History and personal info
(9) Names and dates of birth of siblings

You can send me mail at: